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What's New

We're making it (even) better at Deer Creek Lodge

There's lot's happening at Deer Creek Lodge & Conference Center. Check out some of our recent upgrades along with future plans to make this Ohio State Park Lodge even better for future visitors.

Recent Completed Projects

Total Guest Room Renovations

From rustic to modern, you will get to enjoy our noteworthy scenic views from a private patio or balcony, but with a sleek new room design.

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Entrance Upgrade

Adding the wow factor! The recently upgraded entrance and front lawn beckon visitors to explore and unwind in nature's embrace. The deer statues scattered throughout the area add a whimsical touch, blending seamlessly with the upgraded tranquil surroundings. Comfortable seating and a fire ring provide the ideal setting to gather with friends and family. And all of this happens before you set foot inside!

Renovated Cabins

The cabins at Deer Creek Lodge & Conference Center recently had a makeover. The furniture & bedding was swapped for new, fresh looks. The roofs and floors also got some special attention and were replaced so you stay snug & cozy no matter the season. The exteriors were recently stained for an impactful welcome. Check out our cabins and imagine yourself if this upgraded space.

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Cabin living room interior with fireplace

Additional Upcoming Projects & Closure Notices

We're constantly working on upgrading the guest experience at Deer Creek Lodge. Take a peek at some of the additional projects in the pipeline. Have questions or concerns about something specific? Contact us.

What's Next:

Maintenance and painting the guest wing hallways

Get A Fresh Experience

Whether you've been to Deer Creek Lodge or it's your first time, there's something new to experience. Explore our lodging options and gather your friends and family for an epic experience, no matter the season.

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